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Memorial Certificate

The Foundation would like to take this opportunity to make a suggestion for all Leaguers and Detachments to consider when deciding the best way to honor a departed friend, member, Marine, or any departed acquaintance. This solution provides a win-win answer to the question of what is the appropriate way to pay our respects when someone passes. 

When a donation is sent to the Marine Corps League Foundation, a certificate embossed with the gold Marine Corps Emblem and gold and red Marine Corp League seal can be requested for presentation to the family. Upon your direction, the certificate can be returned to the donor for presentation or it can be sent to the family directly if an address is provided. The certificate acknowledges a donation made to the Foundation in memory of the deceased and includes their name on the certificate. 

The certificate provides a lasting tribute for the family to keep whereas flowers are gone and forgotten in days. The other side of this winning idea is the support it provides to the League scholarship and youth programs.

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